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What is A Day To Game?

A Day To Game  is a celebration event that unleashes the power and skill of gamers to improve the lives of people with disabilities. It’s celebrated each summer.

Why should I participate in A Day To Game?

There are many reasons to participate in A Day To Game and support The AbleGamers Charity and our mission of inclusion for all. Among them are:

  • One in five Americans has a disability.
  • More than 10 Million US Veterans under the age of 60 are disabled.
  • Depression, often brought on by the social isolation many people with disabilities face, is one of the most common “secondary conditions” associated with disability.

The cost of custom accessibility controllers is often more than $400. This is in addition to the normal costs of gaming hardware. A cost that is often out of reach for people with disabilities.

What if I have other plans on the celebration day?
Choose a day that works best for you. Pick any day of the year, or have several small celebrations and events throughout the year. It’s entirely up to you!

What is The AbleGamers Charity?
AbleGamers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization that empowers children, adults and veterans with disabilities through the power of videogames.

Q. How did AbleGamers get started?
A. AbleGamers was founded in 2004 by Mark Barlet and Stephanie Walker to enable gamers with disabilities to continue playing games for recreation and rehabilitation regardless of their physical challenges. AbleGamers became an official IRS recognized charity in 2009.

How do you use the money?
AbleGamers provides assistive technology to individuals with disabilities so they can get back into the game. Or in some cases, allow them to game for the very first time. We provide an evaluation of their needs and the hardware required to get them back into their favorite games, all at no cost. You can see examples of some of the equipment we provide and their associated costs on our “When You Donate to AbleGamers” page.

Who can participate?
Anyone over the age of 13 can participate. If you are under 18, please check with your parent or guardian.

Is there a minimum timeframe needed to fundraise?
No, feel free to stream, dance, paint or fundraise in a timeframe that is safe and comfortable for you and the other participants of your iniatiative.
How do I get started?

  • Sign up to participate in A Day To Game by visiting
  • Set a fundraising goal and customize your participant page. $100 makes a great first time goal.
  • Share your page on social media and with friends and family. Ask them to support your efforts, or join the fun and sign up, too!
  • Spread the word about AbleGamers and Ability throughout your social media circles. Be sure to use our hashtag, #SoEveryoneCanGame

Do you really need all of the information listed in the registration?
Yes, we do.  Because donations are tax deductible, we need to be able to provide accurate tax receipts and information to our donors. We also occasionally get very cool things from our sponsors and like to share them with our supporters.

What does it cost?
Nothing. You can sign up and start fundraising immediately for free!

Can I start a team?
Yes! Once you’ve registered,  you can start your own team or join an existing team with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Do I have to play certain games?
Nope. You can play any game or any kind of game you want. Board games, Pen and Paper RPGs, and even your Friday night poker game, all count.

Can I do something besides play games?
Yes! You can be as creative as you want! Have a bake sale. Host a car wash. Maybe challenge your co-workers to a friendly fundraising competition. We love it when we hear of creative ways people support our mission!

Do I have to stream my fundraising?
Absolutely not. You can if you want to, but there is no requirement to stream your efforts. Most people don’t.

How do I choose a fundraising goal?
Think about your social network. How many people do you know? A good rule of thumb is between $5 and $25 per person you know. Or you can start small with a $100 goal and raise it later!

Do I have to pay if I don’t reach my goal?
No. We don’t view your fundraising goal as a promise or a pledge. We see it as your way of letting your friends and family know what you’re hoping to accomplish and how much you hope to raise.

How do people donate?
Your supporters can donate directly via your fundraising page. You don’t ever have to worry about handling money or going back to friends and family to collect on their pledges. All donations are immediate and can be made via credit card.

How should I start fundraising?
Once you’ve registered you can share your fundraising page with everyone you know. Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media you may use. You should also link to it in your email or add it to your forum signature in your favorite community.

Things aren’t going as well as I’d hoped. How can I kick start my fundraising?
The easiest way is to make a donation to yourself. Even a small $10 donation is a great way to kick off your fundraising and let others know you are willing to do what you ask of them. You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be!

I’d rather just make a donation. Can I do that instead?
Certainly. If you have a friend of family member that’s already participating in A Day To Game, you can search for their name and make a donation directly to their efforts. If you’d just like to make an immediate donation just follow this link. 

I collected a lot of cash and checks. How do I get it to you?
Please don’t send cash! Instead, please convert any cash into a check or money order and send it along with any checks you’ve collected to :

The AbleGamers Charity
PO Box 508
Charles Town, WV 25414

Please make all checks payable to:
The AbleGamers Charity

Note: Please be sure to include your name somewhere on the check or money order. This will help us credit your fundraising efforts the full amount.

Do you accept matching funds?
Yes! Many companies offer employees the option of matching funds for charitable donations. Contact your HR department to find out how to get your matching funds directed to the AbleGamers Charity. You may be asked for a W-9, which we can supply.

What else can I do to help?
Spread the word! Share your story and the AbleGamers mission with people you know. Encourage them to register and start fundraising, too! You can help recruit people in your area to become part of this amazing charity and help change people’s lives.

Need ideas or think you can’t make a difference?
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