Dillon S

Dillion in his power wheelchair, on his lap is a Hori controller and switches. He is playing a game.

Dillon S is a 26-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born with Cerebral Palsy which affects his ability to do one of his favorite things, gaming. Dillon loves Pokémon games but gets easily frustrated when playing the Nintendo Switch due to the small buttons which result in mishits a lot of the time.

Dillon streams on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube to his community and wanted it to be easier for him to play, so he could stream more consistently and post videos.

Dillon visited a local gaming clinic that was part of Powered By AbleGamers, a program that provides training and support to staff and grants specialized gaming equipment to facilities so that people with disabilities have a nearby location to help them with getting into or back into gaming.

After some testing and consultations, it was determined that he could utilize the Hori Flex alongside the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit. AbleGamers granted the equipment to him, and he began learning his new hardware. With some trial and error and the addition of a special joystick, Dillon can now play more frequently and easily.

We are happy to have assisted in Dillon’s gaming challenges and quest to catch more Pokémon!