AbleGamers Changes Lives

People with disabilities want the same thing that all gamers want, to have fun with their friends, and family. There are so many challenges that come with living with a disability, social isolation, is one of them. Video games are unique in that we ALL use them to escape our days, and join our friends, and total strangers in a quest to win. That is where AbleGamers comes in.

18 Feb

Finding Games That Fit

In this day and age, you’d think your friends could play any of the most popular video games out there; sometimes, that’s far from reality. There’s been plenty ofRead More
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15 Jan

Community Member Feature: Lee Williams

AbleGamers sits down with Lee Williams, a streamer with an incredibly inspiring story and an even bigger love for his community — his saving grace. This month, AbleGamers satRead More
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15 Jan

Quest To Game: Connor

When a standard mouse and keyboard were no longer cutting it, Connor began his Quest to Game. This Quest to Game installment focuses on Connor, a gamer who justRead More
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17 Dec

Quest to Game: Jennifer S.

Like most disabled gamers, Jennifer needed a more comfortable and accessible way to play video games. Enter AbleGamers. Jennifer is just your average gamer. Like all gamers, she wantsRead More
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Support AbleGamers Mission Today

We cannot make any of these things happen without support from people like you.

Did you know that a custom controller for a person with disabilities can cost upwards of $1200.00, and some as high as $2000. Living with a disability can sometimes mean that cost is just our of reach. That is where AbleGamers steps in. If a person wants to game, but cannot afford the equipment to do it, we pay for it for them. We cannot do that unless we have support from people like you.