Player Panel Development

In April 2017 we kicked off the AbleGamers Player Panels, a way for gamers with disabilities to have their voice heard in research and development of games.  Since that time, we have been working with the University of York to build the process carefully involving gamers and gaming companies to make sure we get it right.  Here is a what we have done so far, and where we are going next:

  • April-May 2017:
    • Registrations open to identify level of interest in the panels —¬†Done!
  • May-June 2017:
    • Interviews with broad group of registrants to trial different types of questions¬†—¬†Done!
    • Interviews with game companies regarding their needs for finding players¬†—¬†Done!
  • July-August 2017:
    • Draft of initial Player Panel Demographic Questionnaire which will help us match gamers with organisations —¬†Done!
  • September-October 2017:
    • Trial of draft questionnaire with players¬†—¬†Done!
    • Review of questionnaire with game developers and research organizations —¬†Done!
  • November 2017:
    • Process creation and review —¬†Done!
    • Pain point analysis on Player Panel Demographic Questionnaire and Company Registration questionnaire¬†—¬†Done!
  • December 2017:
    • Agreement with survey platform to securely manage the process and data for the AbleGamers Charity¬†—¬†Done!
    • Release of Player Panel Demographic Questionnaire¬†—¬†Done!
    • Review of initial data and release of supplementary questions¬†—¬†Done!
  • January 2018:
    • Pilot of study registration process with small groups of gamers¬†—¬†Done!
    • Legal documentation prepared for players and organsizations —¬†Done!
  • March 2018:
    • Target release of Player Panels to companies¬†—¬†Done!

So from beginning to end, it has taken us under a year to get the Player Panels up and running.  We had our first major game studio request 20 players to work with in February 2018 which was a big success.

Thanks to everyone for the support we have had for Player Panels!