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A photo of Oliver with some of his gaming adaptive gaming equipment.

Gaming is a life-enriching activity.

Oliver loved playing games on Xbox and computer to help with his anxiety and depression, and as a creative outlet. However, he lacked adaptive equipment, which posed a significant accessibility barrier.  At AbleGamers, we recognize and advocate for the importance of gaming as a life-enriching activity. For many individuals with disabilities, traditional video game controllers and setups can be challenging, if not impossible, to use.

Wanting to play games with his family and friends, Oliver sought assistance through a Powered by AbleGamers partner site, Ability KC.  AbleGamers Peer Counseling and Ability KC occupational therapist, working together, tailored a solution for Oliver’s needs. AbleGamers provided essential equipment such as a sip and puff switch, Xbox Adaptive controller, and jellybean switches to create a custom gaming setup.

Now equipped, Oliver enjoys gaming sessions with his twin brother and sister who live out of town, and friends, even those who live far away. He’s excited to play sports games, Sims, and Cart Racer. Gaming brings him great joy, and he loves being able to connect and communicate with family and friends.

If you would like to learn more about adaptive gaming equipment, check out our article Adaptive Gaming Equipment: What You Need to Know.

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