Combating Social Isolation Through Play

A person in a wheelchair smiling while using the Axis 2 controller, an adaptive device with several large pushbuttons and three joysticks.


Creating opportunities that enable play in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe have realized the threat of social isolation. But for people with disabilities, social isolation has been an ongoing epidemic. While things have undoubtedly gotten worse as the pandemic has progressed, 35-45% of people with disabilities were profoundly socially isolated even before COVID. 

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A person in a wheelchair smiling while using the Axis 2 controller, an adaptive device with several large pushbuttons and three joysticks.
Two people smiling while playing a game.

Our Focus

Play is a powerful weapon against the epidemic of social isolation. Play, specifically via gaming, gives people an accessible way to reach beyond the physical confines of their homes, connect with other players all over the world.

Five Pillars

The world of games and gaming provides people with disabilities an opportunity to build rich social engagements, lifelong friendships, and connect with players who share similar experiences. Simply put, AbleGamers believes in using the power of play and inclusion to connect players, build communities and combat social isolation.


Providing 1-on-1 guidance to assess player needs in order to enable play

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Creating assistive technologies that provide solutions to barriers to play

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Fostering opportunities for camaraderie to forge lifelong relationships.

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Discovering barriers and solutions to facilitate accessible player experiences

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Guiding Industry philosophies to promote an inclusive and accessible future.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

For 17 years, we’ve told the story of how our charity’s mission started, but after the year we had last year, we realized we’re just getting started. Our vision is not only accessible games but inclusive communities and development teams.…

Announcing the Launch of The DPAD Initiative – Developers Promoting Accessibility & Diversity

Today, our team is excited to announce the launch of the Developers Promoting Accessibility & Diversity (DPAD) Initiative! We believe the gaming community is an incredible place where so many unique players can form valuable connections with each other. That said,…

Lots of Charity Streams benefiting AbleGamers this weekend! Check them out, pop in to say hello https://tiltify.com/ablegamers-charity/ablegamers-2020-fundraising

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Tiltify - AbleGamers 2021 Fundraising

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Today at 2:30 PM EST @heartofpeachys & @GregJHazy from our team will be speaking at #ComcastLabsConnect sharing our mission and discussing accessible play.

To register & learn more ...about their panel and other discussions happening at the event check out:

UPDATE: Steve has $250,000 to go and 90 days to get there. He would love for your help reach the million for gamers with disabilities.

You can donate or set up a stream here: ...https://tiltify.com/ablegamers-charity/spawn-together

You can check out Steve's video here https://twitter.com/stevenspohn/status/1367547282812530690?s=20