Community & Inclusion

AbleGamers does more than provide a strong internal support network for people with disabilities in the gaming world. We also help the broader gaming community become more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.

The gaming community has been a rich hub of pop culture, shared experiences, and friendship throughout history. The days of tabletop games inspired massive fandoms, and as online video gaming was created and exploded in popularity, the community became even more prolific and diverse. The beauty of video games is there’s such a vibrant and expansive cultural community around them, from conventions to Twitch streams. Fans congregate in person and online to celebrate their shared past-time. In addition, the community provides a valuable space for players to make real-world connections and lasting friendships with people who have similar interests.

Just like people with disabilities can face accessibility barriers to playing a game in the first place, these community events are frequently prohibitively designed and difficult, if not impossible, for players with disabilities to access. Unfortunately, that means that people with disabilities can end up being isolated within the community, missing out on the strongest comradery, and unable to participate in events. 

The advocacy we foster at AbleGamers has evolved into action that directly impacts the digital entertainment industry and brings accessibility, change, and better inclusion of people with disabilities. Our community & inclusion program ensures that people with disabilities are included in the broader gaming community. We work with players, companies, conventions, and events to provide representation and access for people with disabilities. By exposing and integrating people with disabilities into the video gaming community, we break stereotypes about disabilities and demonstrate the power of connection, inclusion, and accessibility. 

Online Inclusion 

AbleGamers supports a large group of people with disabilities through our Twitch stream, where they can play and connect with players in the broader gaming community. Our Twitch presence has been invaluable for people with disabilities and other players to interact, share their gaming experiences, and highlight people with disabilities as an important and active part of video gaming.