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Be a game-changer in someone’s life. At AbleGamers, our mission is far more than just gaming. We are committed to making sure that players with disabilities can have the best possible experience, not just in gameplay but also in creating powerful social connections. Your Community & Inclusion team has dedicated nearly two decades to enhancing these experiences, guiding players to discover new games and fostering welcoming communities around them.

With your support, we can transform the gaming world, making it more inclusive, accessible, and welcoming.

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Play, Connect, and Grow

Behind every game is a player, with unique desires, abilities, and interests. Our work begins with understanding each player’s needs. Learning what games are their favorites, what challenges they face, and which communities can provide the best support. Our team not only connects players with disabilities to inclusive gaming communities but also equips them with the knowledge to explore new games. With every game added to our Knowledgebase, we’re creating a world where everyone can find enjoyment in gaming.

Let’s Partner Up for Accessibility

Your support powers our partnerships with gaming studios, local businesses, and community organizations. Together, we can bring the thrill of gaming directly to those who need it. We’re not just about playing games, we’re creating memories with accessible gaming nights, inclusive partnered events, and even pioneering accessible Esports tournaments.

The logitech G Adaptive Esports Tournament logo above text that says 'Esports Tournaments Exclusively for Players with Disabilities' Below the text is the Mount Sinai logo, the AbleGamers Charity logo and the Adaptive Action Sports logo

Logitech G Adaptive Esports Tournaments

We have partnered with Logitech G, Adaptive Action Sports, and Mount Sinai to provide gamers with disabilities a professional series of esports tournaments featuring high stakes, bragging rights, cash and prizes.

Adaptive Esports will continue to evolve with new tournaments, community events, broadcasts, prizes, and new games as we continue to grow. Join the action today, click the link below for more information and how to apply for membership in the Adaptive Esports community!

Adaptive Esports Tournaments

Powering Up Facilities Nationwide

Your Community & Inclusion team also works closely with the “Powered by AbleGamers” network of hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the nation. We offer up-to-date gaming information and support to these facilities, ensuring they can help patients enjoy and benefit from gaming during their recovery and beyond.

To African-American power wheelchair users, meeting and challenging each other to a game using a quadstick.

Advocacy and Action

Your contributions help amplify the voices of players with disabilities in the gaming space. Your Community & Inclusion team is committed to fostering and participating in events that encourage connection, inclusion, and fun. From supporting community game nights to sponsoring inclusive events, we are at the forefront of making connections happen.

You can be a part of this inspiring journey. When you donate to AbleGamers, you’re not just supporting players with disabilities; you’re helping us shatter barriers and build connections. *Your donation is not just a gift – it’s an investment in inclusivity and joy. Join us today. Together, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can experience the magic of gaming.

The Latest Community News

How the Gaming Industry Is Adapting

The gaming industry has long been a powerhouse of entertainment, reaching audiences worldwide with ever-evolving technology and storytelling. Yet, for many years, a significant portion of potential gamers β€” those with disabilities β€” were often left on the periphery.

Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games (RPGs) β€” especially role-playing video games β€” have emerged as a significant form of entertainment and education, offering a myriad of benefits for people from various backgrounds, including individuals with disabilities.

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