Peer Counseling

The AbleGamers peer counseling program crafts individualized strategies for people with disabilities to develop solutions to accessibility challenges, combat their social isolation, and join a community of millions of players worldwide.

Our peer counseling team consists of players with disabilities and occupational professionals who work together to find the best solutions to enable play. Through these one-on-one sessions, people with disabilities can connect with other like-minded players who can share their knowledge and experience firsthand.

Our peer counselors take as much time as needed to thoroughly discuss a disabled player’s current accessibility hurdles, provide resources and suggestions to people with disabilities to play and find community. 

Get matched with a peer counselor

Resource Support 

These peer counseling assessments determine the potential needs of a player and help connect them with accessible technology solutions. A counselor can help determine if there are equipment accessibility hurdles stopping the player from exploring the amazing worlds, stories, and experiences created in video games. 

These sessions can also serve as the intake for grant services. Personalized adaptive technology can be extremely expensive, and if a player can’t afford the solution that’s drafted in peer counseling, there are avenues of support that allow for AbleGamers to grant the customized hardware, free of charge.

Providing custom equipment and hardware to people with disabilities is a critical first step to including them as players and connecting them to people in video gaming communities around the world. These personalized setups and technology are life-changing, but they’re also prohibitively expensive. Can you support AbleGamers in empowering people with disabilities by making a tax-deductible donation or donating unused equipment? 

Social Support

AbleGamers peer counseling sessions may start with a discussion about accommodations and accessibility ideas to get someone ready to game, but the conversations go a lot deeper than that. We know that people with disabilities can often face stigma, ableism, ignorance, and even outright confusion when they seek out social support.

Social support gives a solid foundation for people with disabilities to draw on as they enter the world of gaming. It builds an emotional safety net to combat social isolation and troubleshoot problems, and by placing an emphasis on peer counseling, AbleGamers fosters communities where people with disabilities are able to fully participate and are empowered to share their experiences. It gives them an opportunity to learn, play, contribute, build networks, and directly influence change in the gaming industry and beyond.