AbleGamers Founder

Mark Barlet

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At AbleGamers, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the world of gaming, regardless of their abilities. Our founder and executive director, Mark Barlet is a visionary advocate and leader in the realm of accessible gaming, renowned for his tireless work as the founder and executive director of AbleGamers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through the power of video games. With a career spanning over two decades, Mark has become a pivotal figure in the gaming industry, championing the cause of inclusivity and accessibility for all gamers.

Mark’s journey began in 2004 when his best friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a life-changing event that opened his eyes to the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing and enjoying video games. Determined to make a difference, he founded AbleGamers with a mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical limitations, could experience the joy and social benefits of gaming.

A service-disabled Air Force veteran, Mark’s commitment to service and advocacy is deeply rooted in his own experiences. His time in the military instilled in him a sense of duty and resilience, qualities that have driven his efforts to break down barriers and create a more inclusive world for gamers with disabilities.

Under Mark’s leadership, AbleGamers has grown into a leading authority on accessibility in the gaming world. The organization provides direct support to gamers with disabilities, offering adaptive equipment, customized gaming setups, and specialized controllers that make gaming more accessible. Additionally, AbleGamers collaborates with game developers and companies to advocate for inclusive game design, ensuring that new titles and platforms are built with accessibility in mind from the ground up.

Mark’s influence extends beyond the nonprofit sector. He has become a sought-after speaker and consultant, sharing his expertise at major industry conferences, including the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and PAX. His work has been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of accessibility in gaming, inspiring countless developers to prioritize inclusive design in their projects.

In recognition of his contributions, Mark has received numerous accolades and awards. His dedication to creating a more inclusive gaming community has earned him respect and admiration from peers, gamers, and industry leaders alike. Through his unwavering commitment, Mark Barlet continues to break down barriers and open doors, making the world of gaming a more welcoming place for everyone.

Mark’s story is one of compassion, innovation, and relentless advocacy. As the heart and soul of AbleGamers, he has transformed the landscape of gaming, proving that with the right tools and support, everyone can play, connect, and thrive in the virtual worlds they love.