User Research

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At AbleGamers, our mission is crystal clear: to enable play to combat social isolation, nurture inclusive communities, and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. In our unwavering pursuit of this mission, we understand that recognizing and addressing the unique needs of gamers with disabilities is paramount.


Gamers with disabilities face monumental challenges when games are not accessible. These hurdles include mastering standard control schemes, navigating limited or absent support for accessibility software/hardware, and the absence of customizable settings. For example, a gamer with limited mobility may grapple with intricate button combinations, leading to frustration. Blind gamers encounter obstacles when games lack auditory cues or visual alternatives, preventing them from fully enjoying the gaming experience. These difficulties not only restrict their ability to play, but also foster feelings of social isolation and, ultimately, exclusion.

text that says 'Player Panels Impact, 163 player panel participants worked with industry leaders to develop accessible games in 2022. 11,600 dollars paid to people with disabilities to participate in making future games accessible.'

Bridging the Gap

Your User Research team plays a pivotal role in surmounting these challenges. We are devoted to bringing the insights and experiences of individuals with disabilities into the game development process, offering a more holistic and inclusive perspective. Here’s how we make an impact:

  • Combat Social Isolation: Gaming possesses the unique power to connect people beyond physical boundaries, providing a channel for social interaction. Our User Research Pillar empowers game developers to create experiences that transcend these limitations, ensuring no one is left behind. By engaging gamers with disabilities, we pinpoint the hurdles they face and work tirelessly to overcome them, thus reducing the social isolation frequently experienced by this community.
  • Foster Inclusive Communities: Inclusivity is the bedrock of our mission. User Research aids us in shaping games and gaming communities that warmly embrace all individuals, regardless of their abilities. We glean priceless insights from gamers with disabilities, equipping developers to craft games and player experiences enjoyable for everyone. By cultivating inclusivity in gaming communities, we forge spaces where individuals can connect, share, and revel in their shared love for gaming.
  • Improve Quality of Life: Gaming transcends beyond entertainment—it can profoundly impact an individual’s quality of life. Our User Research Division ensures that games are not merely accessible but also genuinely enjoyable for people with disabilities. By incorporating their feedback and insights, we elevate the overall gaming experience, contributing to a higher quality of life for gamers with disabilities.

Services and Impact

Our comprehensive services encompass player panels, usability testing, focus groups, evaluations, tandem research, and surveys. Our extensive player panel database is invaluable for steering the next generation of video games. We work hand in hand with gamers with disabilities to grasp their needs, preferences, and challenges. Our team collaborates with diverse organizations, including museums and game studios, to identify areas for improvement, thereby creating more accessible experiences for all. In addition, we provide resources and services for the gaming industry and organizations who are interested in making accessible player experiences for people with disabilities through our sister site https://accessible.games/

Join the Inclusivity Movement

By supporting AbleGamers and our User Research Pillar, you actively contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate gaming industry. Your involvement empowers us to create games that break through barriers, celebrate diversity, and enrich the lives of those with disabilities. Together, we can construct a world where everyone can play and truly belong. Join us in our mission to make gaming accessible and enjoyable for all. Explore collaboration possibilities and discover how your donations can help us further our cause. Together, we will level the playing field, making gaming a source of joy, connection, and empowerment for everyone.