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Your Impact at Work! AbleGamers partnered with Craig Hospital to provide equipment to their Arcade Fund, Craig Hospital’s Adaptive Gaming Program. The program awarded 19 people with 70+ pieces of equipment with an additional $3,500+ of gaming equipment applications to be awarded through the AbleGamers grant.

What do Craig patients have to say?

“Video gaming is important to me because I want to be able to play with my children. I have a C5 spinal cord injury and brain injury and have 3 children who like video games…My son is convinced he’s going to beat me so I can’t wait to get home and kick his butt with my new adaptive gaming controller” – V

Another Criag patient, after his injury, he imagined there would be activities he wouldn’t be able to do again, including gaming. The Craig team showed him possibilities and he spent evenings at Craig reconnecting with his brothers back home through video games.

“It gives me hope to consider still being able to spend evenings with them playing games. – Z

Through partnerships like this, Craig patients and graduates are served in a unique and important way that fosters community, connection, and joy, all with therapeutic value. A big thank you to Xbox and our generous donors for making this partnership possible.

Powered by AbleGamers
First launched in early 2016 and as part of Peer Counseling. AbleGamers partners with various organizations, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers to reach even more people with disabilities. Powered by AbleGamers provides players with a nearby location to assist in setup to enter the world of gaming. Partner organizations are powered by AbleGamers through initial and ongoing support/training for staff. Training and support include best practices in adaptive gaming and donation of specialized controllers and other devices.

Thanks to Microsoft and generous donors, AbleGamers provided much-needed equipment. With the support of donors, sponsors, and gamers, AbleGamers aims to increase the size and frequency of future partners.

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