AbleGamers Community Member Feature: Mike Begum AKA BrolyLegs

Shining a light on our community is what keeps us in the know and allows us to recognize our amazing and inspiring community for the amazing individuals that they are.


This month, we sat down with streamer Mike Begum, a.k.a. Brolylegs, as you may know him, to talk about what makes him tick. We wanted to know not only why he loves games and what he plays, but also why he chose to begin streaming.

“I wanted to show the world what I can do in video games even with a physical disability. I wanted to give viewers an insight into my life.”


“I would like to work in the gaming industry and help those like me with accessibility to gaming.” Of course, we also had to ask him about what his personal favorites are. “My favorite game to stream is Street Fighter V because it is the main game I compete in tournaments for.”

Mike has overcome more obstacles than the average gamer. Streaming regularly AND competing in competitions can take a lot of someone, but he says that nothing will stop him from doing what he loves. “I hope it brings a powerful message to love everyone equally. When it comes to gaming, we want to be apart of the community. Our passion as disabled gamers is no different to anyone who picks up a controller and games,” Mike said when asked what he hopes to bring to the world with his time streaming. “Don’t feel scared, embarrassed, or self-conscious of yourself when wanting to stream. Remember to be yourself and do what you love. Those qualities will build your audience.”

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It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!