Announcing the Launch of The DPAD Initiative – Developers Promoting Accessibility & Diversity

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Today, our team is excited to announce the launch of the Developers Promoting Accessibility & Diversity (DPAD) Initiative! We believe the gaming community is an incredible place where so many unique players can form valuable connections with each other. That said, we also believe that the community that has formed around gaming can do a lot more to make sure that everyone is treated equally. Diversity in the development cycle is important to making sure that all experiences are included in the creation of the amazing games that we all love to play. By giving developers from different backgrounds the tools to bring accessible design approaches into their development culture, we hope to see the culture of the community become increasingly more inclusive through the games that these developers are a part of creating. It’s our responsibility to use our platform to make that a reality and the DPAD Initiative is one of the ways in which we hope to so. Please find out press release about our new initiative below or download the PDF directly.