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A photo of Elliott playing a video game with his adaptive gaming controller setup

While attending therapy camp at Powered by AbleGamers partner site, Ability KC, Elliott was introduced to adaptive gaming. The adaptive gaming specialist saw Elliott’s love for video games and knew just who to connect him with. Elliott met with AbleGamers Peer Counselor, Aaron and together they worked out which adaptive controller setup would be best.

Elliott is now able to play video games with his cousin and friends. With the help of his adaptive gaming controller setup, he is learning the skills he will need to participate in this great social activity throughout his life.

“Playing video games is also a very motivating activity that requires him to use both of his hands which is great passive OT,” shared Elliott’s father. “He currently playing a Paw Patrol game and will be working on figuring out Nickelodeon Kart racers. He is also excited to play a turn-based Pokémon game with his cousin and I am also hopeful that he will be able to play with the neighbor kids soon.”

“AbleGamers is such an awesome organization and we feel very fortunate to have been connected with them. I have so many fond memories of gaming while I was growing up and I am excited that Elliott now has the opportunity to make some of his own memories around the world of gaming. Thank you so much!”

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