Community Breakthroughs

Today, over 164 million adults in the United States play video games. The cultural phenomenon is a unifying factor internationally, too, with estimates stating that 40% of the global population plays video games. Video games provide a much-needed outlet for players to unwind and connect with family, friends, and like-minded people worldwide. The community helps players form lifelong friendships with people they might not have otherwise met and enables them to stay in touch.

The video gaming community provides a rich, rewarding, diverse space to find connection, empowerment, and friendship. The social aspect of the video gaming community is one of its most important draws.

The accessibility challenges and marginalization issues faced in the gaming community are very extensions of real-world social issues. AbleGamers believes in elevating and amplifying the voices and experiences of people with disabilities because it directly impacts people’s lives in the gaming community and beyond.

AbleGamers Logo, which is an image of joystick

Making The Community An Accessible Space

With the incredible popularity of gaming growing, so are sub-communities that connect players from all over the world to participate in shared experiences. For players with disabilities, though, a lack of accessibility could exclude them from participating in the communities that surround play.

That’s why AbleGamers elevates the voices and experiences of people with disabilities to make an impact on the industry. By seeking to elevate the voices and experiences of players with disabilities.

A woman in a pink shirt, sitting in a wheelchair smiles as she figures out how to play video games
Lady using Gumball Switches