Graphic that says "Level up"

Two teen boys, are both using wheelchairs. They are getting set up with adaptive gaming controllers to play video games together

Your Donation to AbleGamers Creates Lasting Impact!

Level Up, join our sustaining donor community and create lasting impact. With your support, we provide hundreds of free customized controllers and assistive technology devices every year, transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities. Thousands more receive assistance through our comprehensive FAQs available on our website. In addition, tens of thousands are impacted through education and outreach initiatives powering hospitals and rehabilitation centers with our partnerships to assist entire communities. Together, we’ve successfully advocated for accessibility options in today’s most popular games, enabling countless players to enjoy gaming.

Your continued support ensures the sustainability of critical programs and services.


Why Give Monthly?

By making an affordable automatic tax-deductible gift each month, you allow us to create and sustain life-changing programs for people with disabilities. Plus, becoming a member of Level Up has its perks!

an image of the first five mugs in the Level Up mug series. Each mug is has different artwork inspired by some of the most popular video games of all time.

For every year you’re a sustaining supporter of the AbleGamers Mission, you will get the next mug in the LEVEL UP series. Each mug featuring different artwork designed especially for AbleGamers and inspired by some of the most popular video games of all time commemorates your years as a loyal sustaining donor.


But Wait, There’s More!

an image showing our "Changing Lives" short sleeve gray shirt with white imprint on front a sleeve and text that says 'Changing Lives Through Play, I support the AbleGamers Charity

Your Support Changes Lives.

When you join Level Up and make a gift of $20 or more per month we will send you a Changing Lives T-shirt.


It’s Easy!

By becoming a sustaining donor, you invest what makes sense for you. Any amount will make an incredible impact on so many lives. When you join Level Up, you become a member of the AbleGamers family.

Rest assured.

You’re always in control of your giving and can change the amount or cancel your recurring donation at any time.