Make a Planned Gift


If planned giving is part of your long-term financial goals, you may want to consider including the AbleGamers Charity¬†in your planned or estate gift. Planned giving allows you to take advantage of tax benefits and can give you the comfort of knowing your donation will support AbleGamers¬†for years to come. Bequests, life income gifts, and other planned giving arrangements provide vital support to sustain AbleGamers’¬†programs now and in the future.

Benefits of planned giving:

  • Gifts tied to your estate, such as property or securities, give you the flexibility to support AbleGamers¬†now and in the future.
  • By including AbleGamers¬†as a beneficiary of a financial, retirement, or insurance plan, you are able to pass on income you don’t need during your lifetime.
  • A planned gift to AbleGamers¬†can greatly lower your tax burden by helping to reduce capital gains, income, and estate taxes.

Choosing the right planned gift arrangement depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals. Please consult your financial advisor to determine the right option for you.

Have questions about planned giving? Contact AbleGamers’ Mark Barlet, [email protected].