Social Media Code of Conduct

Social Media & Contact Policy 

The AbleGamers Charity is dedicated to working one-on-one with a person with disabilities to help the player explore the optimal ways in which they can play games more efficiently and comfortably. In order to support those that are currently consulting with our peer counselors and expedite the consultation process, the AbleGamers Charity will not tolerate the use of email, or social media (including but not limited to Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Snapchat, etc.) to harass or otherwise deride the AbleGamers Charity, its employees, and/or volunteers. 


The use of email or social media as an attempt to harass or otherwise deride the AbleGamers Charity, its employees, and/or volunteers will not be tolerated and can, at the discretion of the AbleGamers Charity management, disqualify you from ANY of our programs. Using social media to libel the AbleGamers Charity, its staff, or volunteers will lead to immediate removal from any and all AbleGamers Programs.


Additionally, any attempt to circumvent the process will likewise result in disqualification from any AbleGamers Charity Programs and/or Initiatives. Regarding circumvention of the process, please do not reach out to AbleGamers Charity staff when you are already being assisted by another member of the staff.


If you are currently being assisted via one of the AbleGamers Charity programs, communication with the AbleGamers Charity should only be conducted through the AbleGamers Peer Portal unless otherwise stated by AbleGamers Charity staff currently assisting you. Please do not attempt to contact any AbleGamers Charity staff or volunteers to discuss the consultation process or inquire about the status of the consultation process.