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SpawnTogether FAQ

What & when is SpawnTogether? 

SpawnTogether is an annual event raising money starting in September for the AbleGamers Charity to support disabled gamers.

Steve began this rallying cry for helping people in need with a simple dream.

You can sign up and fundraise whenever you want! Festivities begin on September 1 and go throughout the entire year. Use #SpawnTogether whenever you stream or hold your fundraiser.


Why should I support AbleGamers? 

The world of games and gaming provides people with disabilities an opportunity to build rich social engagements, lifelong friendships, and connect with players who share similar experiences. Simply put, AbleGamers believes in using the power of play and inclusion to connect players, build communities and combat social isolation.  

AbleGamers has created the world’s largest impaneled group of people with disabilities through our Player Panel program, a collection of hundreds of players with disabilities who advise the gaming industry. We’ve empowered thousands of people to connect with the gaming world and created multiple adaptive hardware solutions by working with our engineering team and research partners. 

  • We’ve helped thousands of people with disabilities through peer counseling and assistance with hardware and software challenges. 
  • We’ve engineered dozens of custom equipment solutions for people with disabilities through the work of our in-house engineering research team. 
  • We’ve trained over 200 developers on how to make their games more accessible. 
  • We’ve connected hundreds of players with disabilities to the industry, empowering them to lend their voices to create a more accessible gaming world. 


Do I have to stream? 

Many people do, but you don’t have to. In fact, some of our most successful fundraisers have been non-streaming events. Almost anything can be a fundraiser. Like to bake? Do a bake sale. Do you have a skill people want, like writing or editing? Offer to do critiques. Have a social media following? Shoot a quick video on your phone explaining why you support the charity and blast it around the Internet with the link to your fundraiser. 

You can raise awareness for gamers with disabilities anywhere! No matter what you do, use the hashtag #SpawnTogether on social media and let us know how much fun you’re having!  


Can I fundraise with a Team or as an Individual? 

The simple answer is: “Yes!” We encourage you to do whatever you’re most comfortable with. 

If you want to prove that your community is the most generous community in the whole world, do it! 

If you want to team up with other communities and make the most powerful team ever to exist, do THAT!  

The beauty of SpawnTogether is that you are combining forces with people from all around the world, raising money for people with disabilities who want to participate in the gaming communities that we all love There’s no wrong way. We’re all in this together.


Okay. I decided I want to play games during my fundraiser. What can I play? 

Games! Video games, board games, card games, whatever YOU love to play! 


What are SpawnTogether’s expectations? 

Our expectations are that you have fun while engaging with your community in a positive way and welcoming way.  Most importantly, you follow the Terms of Service on whatever platform you decide to stream on (if you decide to stream). If you play a Mature (M) rated game, we ask that you provide Trigger Warnings either in your stream title or in a command to protect everyone and make sure we’re all having a good time! 

Closed Captions are also a great way to make your stream more accessible to everyone. 

After all, that’s what this whole campaign is about: accessibility in gaming!  

You can find the TOS for:



Facebook Gaming 


What resources are available to help my campaign be its best? 

Glad you asked! We have several tips to help you get the message out about what AbleGamers does, so people will know exactly where their money is going. 

We have amazing videos you can play during your stream or at your event to explain AbleGamers’ mission and what we do for disabled gamers worldwide. Utilize these heavily as they are the testimonials from the people that are actually being helped. 

Check out our social media and highlight anything and any pictures that speak to you. You can download them directly from our Insta, Facebook, or Twitter and show them off during your stream or event. 

Review our favorite talking points full of useful information that people might not know about charity or things you might find interesting yourself. There are many of them, so pick your favorite things to discuss. 

We also provide all our fundraisers with a Tool Kit full of logos to use during your fundraiser!  


I love all of this and I’m ready to help. How do I get started? 

It’s super easy to join. Just click HERE and follow the instructions on the screen to make an individual fundraiser or select team if you want to let your community do their own fundraisers in combination with yours.  

Next, reach out to friends and family. They are the lifeblood of SpawnTogether. You can ask them to help with your stream or event to make it bigger, ask them to donate, or simply ask them to spread the word about your event. 

What should I make my goal? 

Whatever you feel comfortable raising! No, seriously. We have people trying to raise $50, $500, and $50,000. There is no wrong number and no number that is better than the others. 

SpawnTogether was founded on the idea of working together. So many fundraisers are focused on individuals who raised tens of thousands of dollars. But we forget that tens of thousands of us can give five dollars. Every donation helps, whether you make a team or your community/friends/family donate five dollars each. 

I need a bit more help. Do you have time to help me? 


If you have a particular game you want to play and are worried about whether it’s appropriate or if you need help with ideas about raising money for SpawnTogether offline, reach out to us! [email protected] and [email protected]

Play to enable play for everyone.

Unite with gamers and content creators for SpawnTogether 2023, a fundraising event to support disabled players.

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