Jose, a young man with a light beard in bed smiling at the camera.

Jose was about eight years old when his mother got him his first Nintendo system. He knew right away that video games were for him. He played whatever system came out and loved gaming. Out of nowhere, a motorcycle accident took his gaming capabilities away from him, or so he thought. Jose was a patient of Mt. Sinai, a Powered by AbleGamers partner. After recovery, Jose was connected with us to begin his journey of gaming once again.

Jose worked with Andy and Aaron, two of our Peer Counselors, to come up with the right setup for him. He found through the process that gaming was able to help him with the muscles in his hands due to the constant movements it takes to play. Aside from the exercise, Jose has found something to combat the social isolation of being stuck at home during recovery. He says in the video, “It’s therapeutic, it’s incredible, I could get lost in that game, it’s gonna get me back on track, it’s gonna get me back on track.”
We are happy that Jose is able to keep such a positive outlook and it was a pleasure to help him in his Quest to get back to gaming!

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