About Us

We know that social isolation is one of the biggest problems that people with disabilities face today – and that the power of play is a dynamic solution to this issue. We empower people with disabilities to forge meaningful connections that aren’t confined by their geographic location or abilities. 

We also know that by working together, we can turn accessibility into a mainstream conversation. We’ve seen it start to happen in the decade and a half since AbleGamers was founded, and the more people we reach, the more ambitious and expansive the accessibility conversation becomes.   

We are a group of nine people, led by a four-person leadership team, and accompanied by hundreds of volunteers. We provide accessible gaming solutions, connect people with disabilities and bring others into the gaming community, and we lobby gaming companies to include people with disabilities in the development of their games. We amplify the voices of people with disabilities and put them in positions of power: the power to influence the games they play, the power to help one another, the power to play. Want to hear more about how AbleGamers works? Read more about our programs here

Since our founding in 2004, we have accomplished great milestones on our mission to empower people with disabilities, combat social isolation, and make the gaming world accessible to all:


People helped via hardware, software, and advice.


Developers trained to build accessible games in 2020. 


People with disabilities connected with industry vendors in 2020.



Mark Barlet

Mark Barlet

Executive Director/Founder

Christopher Power

Vice President

Steve Spohn

Chief Operating Officer
Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg


Cheryl Mitchell

Craig Kaufman

Director of Community & Outreach

Advisory Board


Chuck Wendig

Best-selling author, Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy

Susana Meza

Chief Operating Officer, Paradox Interactive

Mario R. Kroll

Founder & Principal Überstrategist

Kurt Yeager

Actor, Sons of Anarchy, Quarry

Rami Ismail

Co-Founder OF Vlambeer

Andrea Rene

Host, Producer, and Writer