How We Work

AbleGamers takes a multifaceted approach to building a world where people with disabilities are empowered and connected. The video gaming community is a unique avenue for people with disabilities to fight social isolation, but we believe that creating accessible gaming is about more than just external solutions like adaptive gaming controllers – which is why we take it even further. We understand that people with disabilities can face a diverse variety of barriers to gaming, whether it’s inaccessibly designed in-game software, videos without closed captioning, or other accessibility hurdles that exclude players from the community. 

Our work is designed with a comprehensive strategy in mind. Not only do we help connect people with disabilities to resources that can help them get in the game today, we help create a more accessible gaming world tomorrow. AbleGamers offers players connections and resources while also highlighting the disabled gaming community to developers and engineers and elevating the voices of players with disabilities. Gaming is a mirror of the much broader accessibility issues and social isolation struggles that people with disabilities face in the real world. We call it our 5 Pillars, AbleGamers cultivates an integrative hub for innovation and connection in the gaming community that provides transformative opportunities for equality, accessibility, and inclusion both online and off.

Support the powerful work that AbleGamers does to empower people with disabilities and to make the gaming industry accessible by making a tax-deductible donation to us here.  

Five Pillars

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Providing 1-on-1 guidance to assess player needs to enable them to play.

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& Inclusion

Creating opportunities for camaraderie to forge lifelong relationships.

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Creating assistive technologies that provide solutions to barriers to play.

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Discovering barriers & solutions to facilitate accessible player experiences.

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Guiding industry philosophies to promote an inclusive & accessible future.

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