AbleGamers Rocking Out @ Harmonix

On Tuesday, December 13th we donned our leather jackets, tuned up our guitars, and rocked out with our friends at Harmonix live on Twitch. The purpose of this live stream was twofold: to premiere Rock Band 4’s December update (released on December 14th) and to raise money to send more grants to gamers. Included in the December update are two of our popular shirts: the Love AbleGamers shirt and the AbleGamers logo shirt. It was great seeing our shirts in action on characters in the game. If you own Rock Band 4, be sure to grab them. They are now available for free to all players!

During the stream, AbleGamers’ very own Craig Kaufman joined the Harmonix crew to show off his Rock Band chops. Additionally, special guests Bearstronaut, a Boston-based band, delighted viewers by playing three of their songs live on stream. One of their songs, “Shadow,” is now available to play in the December update. The Harmonix crew did a great job keeping viewers entertained and laughing by utilizing fun donation perks like speaking in a Boston accent for 1 hour per $50 donation. They also held a raffle for various prizes, including DLC codes for Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game. Viewers entered the raffle by donating increments of $10, earning one raffle entry for every $10 donation. Not only did they raffle off copies of the game, but one lucky donator even won a Fender Jaguar guitar worth $800!

Thanks to their fun perks and raffle, Harmonix raised over $1,100 during the course of their five hour stream. We are blown away by all the support we received during the stream and want to thank everyone who donated. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to send grants to even more gamers. And, as always, we cannot thank Harmonix enough for hosting such a fun event and for their continued support of our efforts to ensure everyone can game!