Quest to Game: Alec

Halo 5, Trails Fusion, Dark Souls, Overwatch, Rocket League. This is just a small list of the games that Alec can now play thanks to his grant from AbleGamers. Alec worked with our accessibility experts to figure out the perfect controller, which in his case is an Xbox Elite Controller.


The options presented with the controller allowed him to make adjustments and get back into gaming. Alec locks the rear triggers and upped the sensitivity, making the paddles need minimal pressure to activate. The quick reflexes and button inputs necessary for the competitive shooting of Halo 5 and the crushing difficulty of Dark Souls 3 are no match for a controller that works best to fit his needs. Alec’s list of games he wants to play is getting longer, and it’s all thanks to our donors.

He wanted to pass along one message to the entire AbleGamers community:

“Now I just want to close by saying thank so much from the bottom of my heart to AbleGamers and the donors that made this possible. I also wish to express how grateful I am for this organization helping those with physical struggles to play video games. Video games serve as a very much needed and cheap escape from our tougher realities and AbleGamers gives us the chance to game as equals to all.”