What Your Fundraising Supports!

Thank you for hosting a fundraising event in support of The AbleGamers Charity.  We can’t continue the work we do without the support from people like you and your community.
We’ve gathered a few quick facts about our mission to help you during your fundraising event.
The funds raised with your community will directly support these initiatives, and more!

AbleGamers Controller Grants

AbleGamers grant team works directly with people with disabilities to find out what controller works best for them. The average controller costs $350 but can range upwards of $2,000.

Check out this link to see some examples of the controllers AbleGamers grants to people with disabilities:


Expansion Packs

AbleGamers Expansion Pack Program is our initiative to give Hospitals or Assisted Living Facilities an accessible game room. AbleGamers brings thousands of dollars worth of Accessible Controllers, PCs, Consoles, Games, and Toys to make the ultimate game room that features games that can be played by everyone. This includes setting up the equipment, training the staff, and lifetime support of the program.

Here is a short video showcasing a recent Expansion Pack

Supporting Gamers with Disabilities

Representation is important. AbleGamers sponsors people with disabilities to attend events, give talks, or compete in tournaments. AbleGamers is proud to sponsor developers with disabilities to partake in TrainJam and are always excited to sponsor a competitive gamer like BrolyLegs to compete at EVO.

Working with the Industry

Over the last 14 years, AbleGamers has worked with developers to help them add the features that people with disabilities need to game. AbleGamers created design patterns to support players with disabilities that can be seen at Accessible.Games, which helps a developer find guidance to make sure people with disabilities can play their games.

AbleGamers has worked with many companies like Xbox on the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Twitch to help with projects such as Spotlight features and the Closed Caption system, and Rock Band to help add extra accessibility features.

Player Panels

AbleGamers has a game testing group that includes people with disabilities all over the world. The goal is to allow people with disabilities to give direct feedback to game developers before a game launches. Player Panel participants are compensated for their time and credited for the work they do.

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