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Your Impact at Work

When our patients and families come to Craig Hospital in Denver, CO, they are thrust into an overwhelming journey that was entirely unplanned. Sustaining a spinal cord injury and/or brain injury can cost upwards of $500,000 to $1,000,000 the first year and over $60,000 each subsequent year. This often leads a patient and their families to prioritize medical needs before recreational wants which can quickly lead to a lower quality of life.

Our partnership with AbleGamers ensures that we can allow our patients to obtain their very own custom adaptive gaming controller without the added financial stressors. Additionally, AbleGamers has provided our overall adaptive gaming program with the equipment needed to ensure we have the most updated technology needed to create a successful and enjoyable video gaming session with our patients. In a time when patients are experiencing so many losses and being confronted with daily challenges, we are now able to give at least one enjoyable hobby back to them.

Technology is always changing and doing so at a constant rapid pace. Knowing that we have the full support of AbleGamers in addition to our Craig Foundation is so reassuring. Providing barrier-free recreation and leisure is our priority and when we have the equipment needed to do so, we can make that happen smoothly and consistently.

We hope to provide our patients with access to the gaming system of their choice without feeling as though they’ve been overlooked. I hope to see many more smiles from both patients and their families as they realize their potential and see gaming as an enjoyable activity that can be experienced by everyone regardless of physical abilities.

We are looking forward to growing the adaptive gaming community one patient at a time. We are also looking forward to future partnerships through AbleGamers and other wonderful organizations to help further the technology needs and find ways to provide access to those who did not come to Craig Hospital, as we know there are many people without the resources to try these controllers and technology.

Our entire staff is incredibly grateful and blown away by the generosity of AbleGamers. Many of our co-workers watched for years as we struggled to find donors who were interested in funding an adaptive gaming program and battled the stigma that gaming was an unhealthy leisure activity. Many have enjoyed watching the growth of the program over the last few years and excitedly watch and learn alongside us.

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