AbleGamers Partner Easterseals Iowa

photo provided by Powered by AbleGamers partner Easterseals Iowa. two people playing a video game together, one a young boy the other a young man using an Xbox adaptive controller

Powered by AbleGamers partner Easterseals Iowa, in collaboration with On With Life, an inpatient and outpatient facility that supports persons who experienced a brain injury, were able to provide their first accessible gaming demonstration event. Several gaming stations were set up for attendees. This allows them to try out the switches and other adaptive gaming devices that were provided by AbleGamers.

Rural Solutions and Assistive Technology Program Director Tracy Keninger said, Every single effort is worth it. For at least two individuals who attended the event, this is the first time ever they have participated in gaming. In one case, the mom reached out in tears her son was so joy-filled to be able to participate in an activity that he sat on the sidelines watching his peers participate in.

We are so grateful for partners like Easterseals Iowa. Powered by AbleGamers, partnerships, and events like this would not have been possible without you! Your support changes lives and helps enable important work across the country and all over the world. Give the gift of play and change a life today!

AbleGamers partners with various organizations, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Reaching even more players to provide them with a nearby location to assist in setup to enter the world of gaming. Partner organizations are powered by AbleGamers through ongoing support and training on best practices in adaptive gaming and the donation of specialized controllers and other devices. Additionally, AbleGamers supports state level AT Programs supporting people with disabilities