Quest to Game: Renato

Renato has been gaming for many years, starting when the SNES was in its prime. Now, he’s getting his game on with the PC and Xbox One. It hasn’t been the easiest, though, as Renato lives with muscular dystrophy – making the standard game controllers or mouse+keyboard setup difficult to use.

Here’s where AbleGamers joins Renato’s Quest to Game. AbleGamers sat with Renato to discuss what he needs out of his controllers to keep up with his love of gaming. Thanks to the support and donations AbleGamers receives, Renato was setup with a fully-programmable Razer one-handed gaming keypad for a more comfortable, hands-on experience. Additionally, Renato received an eye tracker from Tobii, which Renato says has been a huge help in the Division 2.


Renato says the eye tracker has been very cool. He explains how he’s able to hide behind cover while under enemy fire, and he’s able to simply look to a new spot to run to in order to make his way around his opponents and take them down. Also, while he’s still capable of using the mouse, he says being able to aim with just his eyes is pretty fun.

Accessibility comes in many forms, often with programmable keys. Renato is back in control of his games, continuing his hobby to keep up with his passion for it. Gaming is for everyone, so finding that proper controller solution is just one thing AbleGamers does so everyone can game!

Kevin is a games & tech industry marketing nerd with an affinity for duct tape and playing an orc in every game he can. You absolutely should @ him on Twitter @norumu.