Unlocktober: Unlocking Opportunities and Enabling Play for People with Disabilities

our volunteer Jessie playing games with a player at an event.

As October approaches, the gaming community is playing new releases and looking forward to games coming soon. From the AbleGamers side of things, we are already trying to accommodate the rise in Peer-Counseling Requests and Grant requests that come from new releases.  We are also focusing on how we can support even more players in 2020. That’s why we’ve created Unlocktober, an entire month of fundraising in October to support of the AbleGamers Charity mission to Unlock Opportunities and Enable Play for People with Disabilities.

As we said during our April Fundraiser: At AbleGamers, we are lifelong gamers who came together because of the impact of the gaming community in our own lives, and so for us, it’s important that everyone has the chance to make amazing friendships. We decided early on that we didn’t want to simply loan access to these communities we wanted to grant it forever. When we enable a player through our grant program, it takes many hours to find the right controller(s) and equipment to bring them the joy of gaming, and hundreds of dollars to make it work perfectly. The person receiving the grant gets to keep their controllers forever. We know that it’s all worth it. We know that “one more game” could easily lead to “one more friend.” If you’ve ever spent a weekend gaming with friends, you know how important that is.

YOU can help support our mission to make sure that more people can participate in the world of play that comes from video games.  You can support The AbleGamers Charity this October by donating or hosting your own fundraising event. Raising over $500 makes you eligible for our 2019 fundraising hoodie!

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