Your Impact at Work – Texas Technology Access Program

Texas Technology Access Program staff member holding several boxes of switches with a funny shocked and surprised look on her face

Your Impact at Work! Texas Technology Access Program – Thanks to Microsoft and our generous donors, AbleGamers was able to provide much-needed equipment, and Texas Technology Access Program now has adaptive toys in its library, ready for checkout! Want to learn more about how adaptive toys make a difference in children’s lives? Check out this story from Colorado AT Act Program.

The AbleGamers Charity provided hundreds of switch devices, controllers, and mounts to the Texas Technology Access Program to be used by various programs, including Demonstration Centers throughout Texas, short-term loan programs in accessible gaming kits for consumers to try it before they buy, long-term loans to consumers in need of technology at no-cost, gaming access clinics at demonstration centers, conferences and expositions and training for professionals and caregivers supporting people with disabilities.

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration and the impact this donation of switches and mounts will have on the lives of Texans with disabilities.

Powered by AbleGamers
First launched in early 2016 and as part of Peer Counseling. AbleGamers partners with various organizations, including hospitals and rehabilitation centers to reach even more people with disabilities. Powered by AbleGamers provides players with a nearby location to assist in setup to enter the world of gaming. Partner organizations are powered by AbleGamers through initial and ongoing support/training for staff. Training and support include best practices in adaptive gaming and donation of specialized controllers and other devices.

Thanks to Microsoft and generous donors, AbleGamers provided much-needed equipment. With the support of donors, sponsors, and gamers, AbleGamers aims to increase the size and frequency of future partners.

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