We are proud of those that support us, within the industry we have friends who have taken time from their busy lives to help steer AbleGamers as we change the world.

Advisory Board Members


“I think that technology has the ability, when used in the right direction, to change the world. AbleGamers understands that, and helps video games and the technology surrounding video games to help make lives better, and I’m happy to be a small part of the good that they do.”

Chuck Wendig

Best-selling author, Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy

I am very excited to support AbleGamers’ efforts to reach out to developers with information about disabilities, and offer support in making their hard work accessible to so many more people excited to play games.

Rami Ismail

Co-founder of Vlambeer

AbleGamers already have the passion, drive and ambition to fulfil any goals they set their mind to. With my business & industry expertise I’m hoping we can dream even bigger, reach higher and get there quicker.

Susana Meza

Chief Operating Officer, Paradox Interactive

By joining the Advisory Board of AbleGamers I hope to increase their visibility while providing any guidance the team needs in regards to media relations.

Andrea Rene

Host, Producer and Writer

Watching them grow into a real force for positive change within the industry has been spectacular and I’m thrilled to assist in opening additional doors for them to help accelerate their growth so they can shine an even more powerful spotlight on this great cause.

Mario R. Kroll

Founder & principal ĂśberStrategist

AbleGamers is an amazing group of people supporting other gamers. Headed by Steven Spohn and Mark Barlet, passionate advocates and able gamers! Super happy to get on board and help enable more gamers

Kurt Yeager

Actor, Sons of Anarchy, Quarry