Donate Your Old Equipment

Two guys playing video games
closeup of a PS4 controller, with a warm blue light on the controller, placed on top of a black PS4 game station.

Were you one of the lucky few that scored a new console this year? Want to make sure your PlayStation 4, Xbox X, or Nintendo Switch console has a new life supporting children with disabilities to find joy in play?

AbleGamers is partnering with assistive technology centers across North America to create labs that allow players with disabilities to play and school systems to bring gaming to students with disabilities.

Here is how you can give your console a new life.

Step One:

Clean up the console, and gather up all its parts. Make sure the power cord and brick are working. Gather up any games you want to donate, too.

Step Two:

Place the device, cords, games, in a box, along with a paper with your NAME, EMAIL, and ADDRESS. We need this so we can send you an acknowledgment and thank you for the donation.

Step Three:

Mail the box to the AbleGamers HQ.

c/o Game Donation
179 E Burr Blvd Suite Q
Kearneysville WV 25430

What comes next?

Our Peer Counseling team will do a factory reset on the device if you have not already done so. We will then find it a good home, where it can be enjoyed for years to come. Currently, on our waiting list is over 40 institutions and hospitals.

A Few Of Our Partnerships

Maryland Department of Disabilities logo. part of the MD state flag with the name of the dept under it.
An Texas made of wires, Technology Access Program text
Craig Hospital logo
two blue hands holding each other, "Boys and Girls CLub of the Eastern Panhandle" text