Cosplay ideas for Halloween or your Favorite Conference!

All right spooks and ghouls, the time is here. It’s Halloween month! That means time for pumpkins, candy corn, and costumes galore. So, in the spirit of the season we bring to you some ideas of cosplays, because everyone can game, and everyone can dress up as their favorite character.

If you were at Dragon*Con you might have seen a mysterious fortune teller rolling around the streets and halls. Zoltar Speaks made an appearance courtesy of our own founder Mark Barlet. This amazing cosplay was built with a mobility-impaired person in mind, and it was quite the crowd pleaser! Zoltar even took home runner-up in the Novice Cosplay Contest.

Mark made this cosplay as just another way to show that anyone can participate in the things they love, and become their favorite hero, princess, or villain. So, I’m bringing you a list of some cosplay ideas that you, too, can transform into.


Mario Kart

Of course the first cosplay idea is going to involve video games! If you have ever felt like being in a wheelchair prevents you from dressing up, then this is just one of many ideas (like Mark’s Zoltar) that you can put together that utilizes this extension of you. And the best part about this idea is the amount of different characters and cars there are to choose from. Pick your favorite character and put together their costume, maybe Princess Peach, or Waluigi? I personally like to utilize thrift stores since I can’t sew. Then you can create a car that actually moves by building the shell of it around your wheelchair. You can build it out of cardboard, plastic, foam, whatever material you want depending on how crafty and complicated you want to get. And then you’ll be zooming around the convention hall or Halloween party ready to throw some blue shells and take first place.




All of these characters are great and fun to cosplay. And with so many skins to choose from you’ll have so many options it may be hard to decide! The cool part is the ability for someone who has lost a limb to cosplay characters like them. For example, Junkrat has lost his leg and arm, although that doesn’t stop him from going around and blowing everyone else up. His costume isn’t overly difficult, depending on how deep you want to go in building all of his weaponry. Some tattered green pants, a black boot and a crazy blonde wig is all you need! And, if you want to transform your own prosthetic leg and/or arm into his there are some tutorials on YouTube that are really helpful for that. And Junkrat isn’t the only one, we can’t forget about the newest addition, Doomfist! His costume is also fairly simple, other than his arm. Again, YouTube tutorials are your friend if you want to take on this leader of Talon. And don’t forget, you don’t have to stick to these two specifically, you can cosplay anyone that you want to cosplay, no matter what.


Mad Max

This one is fun because you can get really creative with it. Let’s start with Furiosa. A friend of mine loves her because she has a shaved head like she does, because of her chemo causing her to lose it all. And beyond this she has her mechanical arm that she seems to have built herself. This would be a fun cosplay to do, whether because you have a shaved head, have your own prosthetic arm, or both! And you’d get to have a fun time with the makeup, too.

The fun part is that this universe also has some great opportunities for mobility-impaired cosplayers. Making yourself into one of the Fury Road drivers and adding some (safe) spikes to your wheelchair, or any number of modifications. This one allows for a lot of creativity. Check out this cosplayer who made himself into Max strapped on to the front of the War Boys’ vehicle:


A Superhero


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a superhero, because you definitely can. Like this little boy who made his wheelchair into a Baymax that he can fly around on while dressed as Hiro.

Or perhaps you want to transform yourself into a mermaid version of your favorite superhero. Ironmerman, anyone? I’d love to see that cosplay. Supermergirl, perhaps? You can honestly take any superhero and transform them. There are, of course, classic cosplays like Barbara Gordon and Doctor Xavier, both who use wheelchairs themselves and constantly save the world. Perhaps you can change your wheelchair into a motorcycle and become Ghost Rider or Captain America? Or Antman riding around on one of his ant friends?



No matter who it is you want to be, there are so many options available. And you can become your favorite character, no matter what.


Be sure to send us some of your own cosplay inspiration or ideas for the Halloween season! We’d love to see them.