Steven Spohn Receives Ambassador Award at GDCA 2022

Steve Spohn on stage at GDC 2022 accepting his ambassador award

youtube video preview Game Developers Choice Awards 2022

GDCA 2022 – Steven Spohn accepted the Ambassador Award at #GDCA22.  He was recognized for his incredible work in advocating for and improving accessibility in video games. There are few tireless and relentless advocates of accessibility in video games throughout the gaming industry, such as Steven Spohn. For this the Game Developers Choice Awards at GDCA 2022 named Steven Spohn, a driving force for accessibility in games and Senior Director of Development of the AbleGamers Charity, as the recipient of the Ambassador Award. Congratulations Steve! Please take a moment to check out his acceptance speech video.

Steven is an award-winning author, and advocate for people with disabilities. He currently resides outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steve is an avid gamer and content creator who champions for people with disabilities in the video game space as a means of defeating social isolation. When not writing or doing charity work, you can find him reading the latest sci-fi novels or cracking jokes on social media, which you can follow on Twitter @StevenSpohn or

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