Quest To Game: Ryan

ryan quest to game

Ryan is a disabled gamer living with fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Partaking in his favorite hobby, gaming, has not always been easy, but Ryan always found a way to make it work. He was an avid PC gamer, but it wasn’t long before the pain and other symptoms of his illnesses took hold and he had to put gaming on pause.

Once Ryan realized that traditional input methods, especially navigating with a mouse, were taking too much of a toll on him, he knew he needed something different and it became a mission for him.

This is when AbleGamers stepped in. After much consultation, AbleGamers was able to create the ideal controller for Ryan — one with extended thumbsticks, modified trigger sensitivity, a rearranged button layout and additional grip pads.

With a little practice, Ryan was able to re-enter the gaming community and reignite his passion. Now, Ryan is back slaying his competition and proving that with a little persistence and faith, everyone can game.