Quest to Game: Jennifer S.

Like most disabled gamers, Jennifer needed a more comfortable and accessible way to play video games. Enter AbleGamers.

Jennifer is just your average gamer. Like all gamers, she wants to be able to play games comfortably on her own time, without pain and with ease of access. For Jennifer, such a goal is not so easily attainable because she is disabled. Because of her disability, Jennifer has a difficult time using a controller. The pain makes it unbearable for her to use a standard controller for even short periods of time. She needed something different, and this is where her quest to game began.

After reaching out to AbleGamers and several consultations later, AbleGamers set Jennifer up with a fight stick controller called an Axis. The large and easy to access buttons eliminate the need to hold a controller at all and simply flex the muscles in Jennifer’s thumbs and forefingers. The joysticks, however, are made with a sturdy component allowing Jennifer to make precise movements when she chooses to. Jennifer quickly found that with a little practice, she was again able to play video games comfortable for extended periods of time.

Jennifer adores her new equipment and is having an amazing time playing video games comfortably and without her pain restricting her gaming time. Jennifer wants to share her thoughts on her experience with AbleGamers and her new equipment with the world:

“[The Axis] is perfection. I love how flat it is. Thank you guys so much for this, truly! As a token of my gratitude, my friends are helping me host a local fundraiser so that I can donate to the charity. I know it won’t be nearly enough to cover an [entire] setup but it should help get someone else started. I couldn’t be happier.”