What AbleGamers Has Been Up To For May 2019


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AbleGamers has had another busy month! Besides the wonderful work with developers all across the industry to help push accessibility, all of the grants sent out to get people into gaming, we’ve also made a few trips this month to help share the message of AbleGamers! Two places this month were the Accessible Technology Day at MIT, as well as the Steel City Showdown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

AbleGamers was at the first eSports event in Pittsburgh history. The Steel City Showdown, which took place on May 10th-12th, took place at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, featuring three franchises coming together for the event. In attendance besides AbleGamers staff and their accessible technology was the Pittsburgh Knights, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and many competitors competing for cash prizes in NBA 2k, NHL 2k, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.


It was incredibly exciting for AbleGamers staff to show off the accessible technology available to get people with disabilities into gaming, as well as give hands on experience to guests and Iceberg the Penguin, too. Special thanks goes out to the staff of the Playhouse, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Point Park University, the Cavs Legion GC, the Pittsburgh Knights, everyone who stopped by the booth as well as all of the supporters of AbleGamers whom without their help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We cannot wait for another fun tournament!



Brian Conklin is Editor-in-Chief of AbleGamers, having nearly double digit years spent with the charity. When he’s not helping developers make their game more accessible or writing for AG, he spends his time gaming, hiking, biking, and Pokemon Go-ing (which is really just all of those put together). You can find more from Brian at his Twitter account, streaming for AbleGamers every Tuesday, streaming on his own Twitch channel once every few months, or his persistent art project on Instagram.